Sep 24, 2008

HRC Saipan

I visited HRC Saipan in Sep 24th of 2008.

I was planning to visit HRC Phuket,
but Thailand has some trouble now,
so I decided to go to Saipan at this time.

HRC Saipan was located next to DFS Galleria that was the most famous shopping place for tourists.
I think this is the best location in Saipan.
All toursits spent much time around HRC Saipan.

They had many pins for sale.

While I was in Saipan, I had lunch twice at HRC,
and I had great time with some staffs.
Of course, I could trade some pins with them,

This HRC has local dish that I loved very much.
It is called as Chamorro Burger.
I really like this, and ate this twice while I was in Saipan.

About staying in Saipan, I did what most tourists would do.
I enjoyed beautiful beach, and drove around Saipan.

Beautiful sunset !

This was my 84th HRC visit.

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