Nov 29, 2009

Hard Rock Cafe Phuket

I visited HRC Phuket in Nov 29th of 2009.

I got info from my Thai friend that the Rock Shop of HRC Phuket will be opened in Nov 29th of 2009 when I decided to visit Penang.
Penang is very close to Phuket, so I decided to Phuket, too.
It was in Nov 10th, so I had to change my schedule.
I bought round-trip ticket from Firefly airline, and booked hotel at Patong Beach.

On Nov 29th, I arrived to Phuket by Firefly.
The weather was really nice.
From my hotel, I walked along beautiful beach,
and found Courtyard Phuket(Marriott)at Patong Beach that should have Hard Rock Cafe in it.
I approached the hotel from beach side, and I could not find any sign of HRC.
I went into the hotel, and found the entrance of Rock Shop!!

When I walked into Rock Shop, I found many people inside the restaurant.
A staff told me that the restaurant was also opened today !!!
I didn't expect that at all, so I was really surprised!!!

The interior of HRC Phuket was really cool.
I found Big Guitar Sign along other street.

About pins, these are pins I bought.

After HRC, I had great Thai food, and enjoyed wonderful night life in Phuket.

This is my 86th HRC visit.
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