Jun 30, 2009

Hard Rock Hotel Macau

I visited HRH Macau in June 30th of 2009.

This is my 3rd visit for Macau,
but at this time, Hard Rock Hotel has been in Macau, so I was really excited.
HRH Macau is located inside City of Dreams.
-the website of City of Dreams
At Macau Ferry Terminal, I could use the free shuttle bus for HRH Macau.

After about 20 min ride, I arrived to HRH Macau.
At this area, there were so many gorgeous Casino.
And City of Dreams was also so huge & gorgeous !!

A beautiful mermaid was welcome to all guests.

The entrance of HRH was gorgeous, and all staffs were very friendly with good smile.

At the lobby, I could see some of memorabilia.

And there was Rock Shop at the same floor.

Like other HRH, this store was very huge.

You can see many items like pins, T, shot, zippo, and others.

I was surprised they still had GO set for sale.
I heard that the set was sold out, but they still had it on the counter.

After I bought many pins, I went to the 2nd floor to see Hard Rock Casino.
Inside Casino, of course, they didn't allow me to take photo.
There were so many memorabilia like Kiss axe guitar.
And the space of Casino was really huge.
A staff told me that HRC Macau would be opened around the end of 2009.

After HRH Macau, I enjoyed the night view of Macau.

And of course, I enjoyed Macau's delicious sweet, too.

This is my 85th HRC visit.
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