Jul 4, 1999

HRC Paris

1st visit
My 1st visit for Paris was in 1999 while I had been at my friend's home in Poland. After I traveled Praha, Wien, Venice by train, I arrived to Paris. Paris is one of the most famous city in the world. There were so many placed I have to visit. Fortunately, I could stay at my friend's room near Eiffel Tower for a week, so I really had a great week.

Of course, I visited HRC Paris then, but I really didn't want to spend time there, because I had many places I wanted to visit around Paris. I got a city guitar, and I left there. I didn't even see the inside of HRC Paris.

2nd Visit
In 2004, I visited Paris for my Honeymoon. Paris was the best places for romantic trip ! I stayed for 5 days there, and had good days with my wife. We had a small Wedding ceremony at the church there. Sounds romantic, doesn't it??

Of course, I visited HRC Paris again, and at this time, I did see the inside of HRC, and took many photos. About pins, there was nothing I wanted to buy, so I just bought a key chain.

My HRC Paris page
Photos of Paris


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