Jul 8, 1999

HRC Osaka (1st cafe)

I started to collect HRC pins when I was a student in Chicago, so I have never been to HRC Osaka even though I knew there was HRC near my home in Japan.

My HRC Osaka page

In 1999, I was so excited to come back to my country after studying for 3 years & half. HRC Osaka was very close to my home-town, It took about 30 min by train. HRC Osaka was called as the stadium of Rock even though the stadium was closed then. I remember I bought many pins then, and had continued to visit HRC Osaka every week. Unfortunately, HRC Osaka was closed in the end of 2000. I miss this cafe.

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Anonymous said...

I have a rather large collection of HRC pins that I am looking to sell as well as a hard to find limited edition framed and matted set. My collection includes many short run limited and numbered pins as well as the complete 9/11 set and world flag set. Does anyone know the easiest way to get these in the hands of someone deserving that will give them a good home? My Email is kyle0721@live.com thx