Apr 7, 2002

HRC Los Angeles

After HRC Newport Beach, I went to huge shopping mall in the suburb of LA. I enjoyed movies as well as shopping. Unfortunately, it was at 10:00 PM after the movie. I was surprised, and confused what I was going to do then.

There were 2 more HRCs around LA. I had 2 choices then. Going to HRC LA or HRC Hollywood. I selected HRC Los Angeles. HRC Los Angeles is one of the historical HRC like HRC London. I always wanted to visit the first HRC in USA.

My page of HRC Los Angeles

I drove my car, and arrived HRC LA before the cafe was closed. I took some photos inside, and bought some pins as I always do. In USA, the history of HRC was born here. I had good day, and stayed at a motel in Hollywood area, and then I left USA for Japan early morning.