Apr 9, 2002

HRC Guadalajara

After I had great time in Morelia where was the city of the world heritage, I got on the bus for Guadalajara.

Guadalajara was very huge like Mexico City. I stayed at a hotel in downtown, and enjoyed sightseeing, and shopping.

Photos of Guadalajara

HRC Guadalajara was located inside the shopping mall.

HRC Guadalajara

I had to go there by taxi. Even though they had some of good pins, I saw nothing special here, so I just had some drinks, and then enjoyed shopping in the mall.

After Guadalajara, I went to Guanajuato that was also the city of the world heritage. Guanajuato was the best of cities where I had visited in Mexico. The view from the famous hill was just unbelievable !!

Photos of Guanajuato