Oct 15, 2001

HRC Makati

After I enjoyed some of Japanese HRCs in 2001, I visited Philippine. I had never heard from any collectors that they visited HRC Makai, so I decided to visit the cafe .

I really had no info about Makati. Only I know about Philippine was Manilla. Philippine was actually good country to visit. There were many of historical buildings & Church including some of world heritage that was built when Philippine was under Spain.

Photos of Philippine

I stayed at the hotel in the area of Makati that was known as the modern area of Philippine. There were many shopping mall, and restaurant. HRC Makati was there inside a shopping mall.

HRC Makati page

After I got some pins, I talked with the manager of HRC Makati, and then I could exchange many pins with almost all staffs of the HRC. It was my birthday, so the GM asked me to take photos with all staffs on the center stage. I was very shamed, but it became one of the best memory of my Hard Rock Life. Thanks, HRC Makati !!